In the early days, Charles L. Saunders enjoyed working as a tool designer at Glenn L. Martin Company in Baltimore, Maryland. After a few years he moved back to his home town of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He got a job at Western Electric working alongside fellow designer Marcus B. Crotts, who had just returned from the Air Force. Before long the two realized they had much in common and much to offer the machine tool industry. 1956 – In a little diner on Waughtown Street, Charlie and Mark discussed plans to open their own distributing company. This company would be an opportunity into which they could pour their knowledge and passion of machine tools and share this with the growing South. Within that year, they opened their new company and hired a secretary and two other salesmen to help with the work. In 1968 Charlie and Mark designed and built an office to suit their growing needs, with enough space to house design stations, administrative offices and a demonstration room. When they were not designing tools, they were out selling them. Later, Charlie turned selling into his fulltime job while Mark took over the administrative side of the business. From the first, Charlie and Mark were aware of the modern technology being produced around the world and built their company around the intent of bringing Tomorrows’ Technology Today to the Carolinas and Virginia. This philosophy still holds true and we are proud of our core beliefs in helping our customers exceed their ever increasing manufacturing challenges.
Since 1956

Since 1956 Crotts & Saunders LLC has strived to help our local manufacturers.