Specials / Pre-Owned

Thank you for your interest in our Specials and Pre-Owned Equipment. From time to time we have new stock demonstration machines, slightly used equipment, and even completely rebuilt/refurbished machines. Please check back often to see what specials we have available. These specials are on a first come first serve basis and may not be available due to prior sale.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

SNAP DM200 - $49,000

Save over $5,000

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  • SNAP DM200 measures complex parts instantly without programming. Place the part and press the GO button.
  • Telecentric optics ensure accurate part measurements in shop conditions.
  • AutoID recognizes any known part in the field of view.
  • Zoom AnywhereTM technology lets you zoom in to measure details anywhere in the viewing area.
  • Offers extended measuring range and optional dual magnification optics for large and small feature measurements.

Rebuilt Hydromat HW 25/12

For customers in the Crotts & Saunders distribution territory we have (2) Hydromat HW25-12 LEGACY machines rebuilt, upgraded, and reconditioned to excellent condition available for sale! FULL WARRANTY INCLUDED! Features Include:
  • Machine base rebuild & upgrade
  • Complete table rebuild
  • All new wiring including new electrical cabinet and touch screen pendant control
  • New machine platform
  • Reconditioned 12' magazine bar loader
  • Reconditioned chip conveyor and coolant system
  • New powder coat paint
  • Units available upon request

Revolution 8.10.6 CMM

Save over $16,000

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  • Shop Floor Measurements.
  • 5-Axis Probing for high throughput.
  • Large Frame for a variety of parts.
  • Full CAD programming with Shop Floor Interface.
  • Showroom Special caries a full one year Manufactures Warranty.
Refurbished Mitutoyo Crysta 7.10.6 CMM

This system has been fully evaluated mechanically and updated with new software.  It is a CMM fully programmable with a PH10MQ / TP-20.  This system has a fully motorized indexable head.  The software is fully programmable from CAD files. 

This system is sold - please contact us if you are interested in a used CMM.

Nikon VMZ-R High Accuracy Vision System
Nikon's New VMZ-R series brings high speed performance to the Vision Inspection Industry. This third Generation system has a 15:1 telecentric zoom lens and class leading accuracy. Click here for more information.

OGP OQ14-BRefurbished OQ14-B Comparator
This unit is sold - but we are refurbishing systems all the time.  Please contact us if you have a particular need.